About me

Hey there. My name is Heather and I am from Elkhart, Indiana. It’s pretty close to South Bend which is home to Notre Dame. I am hairstylist of 24 years (wow can’t believe that) I am proud mom of a rescue dog Phoebe Buffay (a shihtzu) along with 2 black rescue kitties Mr Darcy and Blanche Devereaux . I am a huge concert lover especially Dave Matthews Band and Foo Fighters.

Going to Mackinac Island is my everything. Along with so many others it is the one place I feel most at peace. Because of my love for it I obsessively talk and share input for anyone who listens (or tunes me out) so therefore I created a podcast to make it easier to get all the valuable information I have gathered for years.

Thanks for joining me as I share the magic of Mackinac Island.