What is new on the island? Plus a bit about Patric Doud

Congrats to Mackinac Island in being voted #1 Summer Destination in the country by USA Today. A well deserved recognition for sure.https://www.mlive.com/news/2023/04/mackinac-island-named-best-summer-travel-destination-by-usa-todays-readers-choice-awards.html

There are quite a few new things opening on the island. If you haven’t followed any of the local places on social media- I highly recommend that you do. The winter is when you get a small dose of what is opening. Some new renovations are in progess as well and I discuss these too. All coming from the article written by Tanda Gmiter of MLIVE.https://www.mlive.com/news/2023/04/mexican-taqueria-pizza-place-bmx-track-whats-new-on-mackinac-island-for-2023.html

No doubt when you have visited or read about the island the name Doud has been heard or seen. Well the new pub – Patrick Doud’s Pub pays tribute to a man who had such an impact on the developing of the island and still does today in family. So I found a great article just skimming this mans life written by family member Nicole Doud (owner of Little Luxuries of Mackinac) Tune in to learn about him.https://www.doudsmarket.com/blogs/news/patrick-douds-irish-pub



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