Butterfly Houses on Mackinac Island

There are 2 yes 2 Butterfly exhibits to visit on Mackinac Island. Having never been to one – to be able to visit 2 of the houses on the island are ideal for families or yourself. The houses are at different ends of the island. So what is great you can have the option to see them at different spots.

When you take the Carriage tour up to Surrey Hill there is the Wings of Mackinac Island. Here you have the option to either get your ticket at the Carriage Tour ticket or you can visit without even taking the tour. This conservatory is a great rainy day activity. Plus you cannot help but relax in the greenhouse. With the warm environment and the butterflies exploring everywhere- you become one with nature.http://www.wingsofmackinac.com

Original Butterfly House and Insect World is in the Mission Point district. This place is kinda on a side road. It truly doesn’t look like there is as much as there is inside. Another bonus with this place is that downtown is a gift shop across from the Haunted Theatre- here are some discounts on tickets. Know that these butterfly houses are not the same so be sure to go to both. http://originalbutterflyhouse.com


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