Katy Klimczuk author interview

The interview we have today is with Katy. A teacher turned author who took her love of the island and decided to publish a children’s book called M is for Mackinac.

Using the island as their guide to make the landmarks for the book – Katy and Artist Kate Dupre from Watercolor Cafe worked together to get a book that captured the alphabet in Mackinac Island Natrure ways.

It was a great way to learn how the whole book came together. With a history of being married on the island, Katy has a deep love of the island and has achieved a great perspective for kids to take on the book as well- heck even adults will love it too.

Be sure to follow Katy on her Instagram https://instagram.com/katyklimczuk?igshid=ZWIzMWE5ZmU3Zg== for more insights on the book. Also know the that the book will be available on Amazon http:/katyklimczuk.com. Here is a list of places on the island to look for it:

  • Watercolor Cafe
  • Poppins
  • Little Luxuries
  • Island Book Store
  • Mission Point

Katy will also be signing Books on the island on the following dates too:

  • June 10 – Mission Point
  • June 11- morning Island Book Store and afternoon at Watercolor with Kate Dupre

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