Introducing Brad Conkey and Swim around Mackinac

So a constant question that people ask is can you swim on Mackinac Island? I know you are thinking of course it is a island- well the island is not a tropical island. So swimming when visiting the island is at your own risk. Some of the more popular spots are in front of Pink Pony and British Landing along with Mission Point. The water is fairly shallow all around the island except a few spots. There are no sandy areas but more rock terrain along the shore. So keep that in mind.

Here is where Brad comes into play. A avid swimmer himself he goes into detail about the event he helped create. It involved city council, state park and even Grand Hotel. With approval from the coastguard the first year had about 220 people in this event. So this year is already sold out but that doesn’t mean that you can’t possibly get in on it- with a chance of a cancellation. Get on the Facebook page – Mackinac Island Swim Group

This event is also a charity event that all the proceeds benefit the Mackinac Women’s Club. In fact in 2022 they raised 28,000 for the weekend event. Other charities are involved too from some of the swimmers and are listed on the website

This year it will happen on Sunday August 13. Registration is closed for now but again there could be a opening. Brad shares so much great info on his experience swimming around the island.


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