Andrew and Emily Callewaert of Ryba’s Fudge

Andrew & Emily with Victor Callewaert

You can’t go to Mackinac Island and not see Ryba’s Fudge. With the eye catching Pink and of course smells generate out of the front of the store to entice you to step in and taste and buy the fudge that has been a staple of the island since 1960.

Andrew and Emily go into the history of all that is involved with not only making the fudge but how they ship and send out year round. Not only do they deal with fudge Andrew manages the Pancake House and Emily is manage of the Seabiscuit Cafe.

The Reba-Callewaert family owns several businesses and put into place the 906 Rewards. What is this? You sign up and Earn 5.00 instantly. Once the membership is activated you earn 10% spend like cash rewards when you dine, eat, or shop at the following locations:

  • 1852 Grill Room
  • Ice House BBQ
  • Ice House Bike Rental
  • Mary’s Bistro Draught House
  • Pancake House
  • Ryba’s Fudge Shops
  • Seabiscuit Cafe
  • Starbucks

Earn 5% rewards for the stay at Island House and Pine Cottage Bed and Breakfast

With the upcoming Valentines consider getting your loved one a sweet treat from Ryba’s Fudge Shop. And while visiting the island have your breakfast at Pancake House and a champagne shot or mimosa at Seabiscuit Cafe.

I go into the rich history that Ryba’s has but read and explore their page yourself. It will take you down a rabbit hole of fantastic Mackinac Island knowledge


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