Mackinac Arts Council

On the show I talk with Philip and Jeri Lynn from the Mackinac Arts Council. This non profit was introduced to me a couple years ago when they had a music in the park event on the island. Little did I know that there was so much more to this incredible council. They just celebrated 20 years which is a milestone for a council to achieve.

Philip (Program Director) and Jeri Lynn (Community Engagement) were so helpful in guiding the podcast of all the events. Music in the Park starts in late June on Thursday evenings from talent shows to even some Jazz events. Painting, photography, book binding and lots more workshops are available.Go to the website for more guidance

One thing that the council offers that artists can look into is a Residency program available through the Manoogian Art Contest. This gives them 2 weeks on the island and it does not need to be strictly Mackinac art. Deadline is March 3 and the link is

One way the council thrives is by donors and donations. If you are interested in donating for this organization go to

Also be sure to stop in at Jeri Lynn’s shops which are Destination Mackinac and Decked Out on order online and on Instagram and Facebook of @deckedoutofmackinac

Something brought to my attention is that due to Mackinac being 80% state park the page to get a lot more information on the island is


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