Pools on Mackinac Island

Like so many often wonder- are there hotels with pools on Mackinac? Yes there are. And to help with the season being shorter and weather at times cooler. The pools are all heated. In fact while there in October the Grand Hotel pool was still open. This is incredible that they offer it that late in the year in northern Michigan.

Here is a list of the pools to choose from:

  • Esther Williams Swimming pool at the Grand
  • Lake View Hotel
  • Murray Hotel
  • Mission Point
  • Stonecliff
  • Inn on Mackinac
  • Chippewa Hotel
  • Island House

Along with the pool info I share where we are staying in June which is Main Street Inn & Suites and in September is at Harbor Suites.

Be sure to check out the event Mackinac Island Swim http://www.swimaroundmac.com


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