Meet Lillian

Today is a fun show. I talk with Lillian who shares her love of the island. This is fun show to listen too for a lot of reasons.

I first came across Lillian on Instagram. Talking with her, I asked her to come on to tell the listener about her experience with the island. Quickly I found out a lot more.

Lillian is in the process of writing a book that is based on the island. Her love of Mackinac has inspired her to tie in her own experiences along with some fictional ones to share.

Here are a few other things she talks about:

  • Grand Hotel dining
  • Above Mackinac Condos lodging
  • traveling to the island with kids
  • Places she has stayed
  • What she loves to do

I loved having her on the show. Learning how she navigates with the kids is a great way to share with the listener. Lillian also shared pics with me to share, so enjoy.


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