Teens agenda and Mackinac School

When going to the island I know it is something that all can enjoy, including Teens and tweens. As stated on the blog https://www.mackinacisland.org/blog/top-12-mackinac-island-attractions-for-teens/– the teens can enjoy the historic island. This entry I go over what all is suggested. Truthfully my niece and nephew loved being able to bike and run freely. I allowed them to explore on their own within a certain downtown limit. This also gave me peace of mind too that they were safe to do this.

Next I go into a interview shared with Superintendent, Principal and Athletic Director Amy Peterson. https://www.mackinacisland.org/blog/life-on-mackinac-island-mackinac-island-public-schools/She shares how the 1 school on the island works. I found this fascinating. They offer K-12 and preschool options. Kids get a full outdoor life experience with going to school here. Tune in to learn more about it.


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