Food from our trip

I love food. Luckily Mackinac hosts a large variety to choose from. Known for their fudge it is easy to think they wouldn’t have some of the places they do on this small island ohh but they do.

Today I talk about what we had on our visit in October. We decided the one day to do a appetizer/drink/shop day. It was truly one of my favorites. Here is a list of places we hit up while visiting.

  • Pink Pony
  • Grand Hotel
  • Kingston Kitchen
  • Watercolor Cafe
  • Yankee Rebel
  • Horns Bar and Grill
  • Lucky Bean
  • Broken Spoke
  • Good Day Cafe
  • Great Turtle Brewery
  • Mackinac Island Rum Co

Be sure to tune in to find out some of the tasty dishes we got. That way you have an idea on your next visit.

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