Holiday Deals

The holiday season is upon us. With that comes the time to book your future visit, grab momentos or snatch up great perks to use for Mackinac.

On todays podcast I talk about all the holiday deals available on the island that are posted on the tourism page. Now with this being shared that doesn’t mean new deals haven’t been added.

Places that have deals up now are:

  • Grand Hotel
  • Harbour View
  • Island House Hotel
  • Joanns Fudge
  • Little Luxuries of Mackinac Island
  • Mackinac Memories
  • Mission Point
  • Pink Pony Store
  • Ryba’s Fudge
  • Sheplers Ferry
  • Starline Ferry
  • Murdicks Original Fudge
  • Threads of Mackinac
  • Lilacs: A fortnight of fragrance
  • Andrejka Photography

Be sure to check out each of these specials. This would be a great way to introduce you to some of the businesses on the island and lodging to experience for the first time.


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