Chippewa Hotel Podcast

Once again I bring a show about another great place to stay on MACKINAC ISLAND. When looking for a hotel that has a larger room size and views that are unlike many on the island, this is your place.

Located on Main St, the Chippewa is not only catty corner from Fort Mackinac and Marquette Park BUT it is on the gorgeous water. So you can choose either Main St view or Lake Huron.

The Chippewa is also home of the infamous Pink Pony restaurant and bar. With various entrances for the Pink Pony and indoor/outdoor options – Dining here is a must when visiting the island. A few years ago a retail shop was added on to buy Pink Pony goodies.

I discuss the room sizes and go into detail. Along with the packages they offer. You get access to the massive hot tub located on the outside patio of the restaurant. Totally gives you a Caribbean vibe.

Visit their website for more information


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