Supernatural Sights of Mackinac Island State Park

Have you ever gone into the the middle of the island? Once there you more than likely have come across some incredible formations. Well today I talk about them and a bit of history with them. Taken from the blog located on Here are the formations I discuss:

  • Arch Rock
  • Cave in the Woods
  • Crack in the Island
  • Devils Kitchen
  • Friendships Altar
  • Lovers Leap
  • Robinsons Folly
  • Skull Cave
  • Sugar Loaf
  • Sunset Rock

Finish off your trip with a selfie scavenger hunt. While it is done for the season do use it to see the island. Use the hashtag #selfiesofmackinac to participate. Here are the locations:

  • Main Street
  • Fort Mackinac
  • Ferry Dock
  • Fort Holmes or Sugar Loaf
  • Fudge Shop
  • Grand Hotel
  • Arch Rock
  • M-185 (Lake Shore Road)
  • British Landing
  • MITB Information Booth

Once you finish this hunt return to the MITB booth for a prize.


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