A Smorgasbord of Info

The week is here. The annual girls weekend we head to MACKINAC ISLAND. This year not only is it the 3 of us but my niece is joining us. Then for one night we will have another girlfriend joining us. We will be participating in the Halloween events on Saturday.

So if you are not up for riding your bike around to the certain location on the island did you know that there are taxis available? yep year round too (with exceptions) Here are the prices for the taxis:

  • $7.00-9.50 per person per way
  • children 5-12 years are half the fare
  • 2 person minimum for the taxi

The number to contact the taxi is 906-847-3323

If you wish for a more personal and historical tour then a private tour is the way to go. The 2 options are Gough Carriages http://www.goughcarriages.com and thought the Mackinac Island Carriage Tours http://www.mict.com. Here you can do hourly tours and the more people the better the cost.

Next I talk about how to get free fudge when you visit the island. I talk about the game of finding you favorite fudge. Fudgies know that the island holds the treat we all love to explore the different flavors.


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