Remembering my Grams and Halloween on Mackinac Island

On October 3 my Grams was called to heaven. She lived a full 91 years. I share on the podcast stories about Dorothy Viola. My Grams was my soul. I loved her comfort and wicked sense of humor. My parents added on a mother in law suite to their house about 6 years ago. This allowed us to not only see her even more but make sure she was taken care of. Love and miss you Grams- to infinity and beyond.

Dorothy Viola

So the time has come for us to head to the island for our annual girls trip to the island. This is the last weekend that the island is fully open. Click on the link to see all the events

The dates involved for the weekend of Oct 21-23. I love Halloween. So then to be on the island is just an added bonus. Hopefully the leaves have changed more this year. Last year everything had changed so much later so we weren’t blessed with as much color.

Halloween Weekend

I go into what is girls will be up to the weekend we are there. We will be at the again. The amenities are incredible here. Included are

  • Continental breakfast
  • Afternoon snacks
  • Wifi
  • Mini fridge in room
  • Great front porch
  • Suites available with kitchen

Tune in to learn more on our visit.


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