Hotel Iroquois

Have you ever arrived at the island and thought about the regal hotel located on the corner next to Windermere Point? Yes this is home A top rated hotel from Condé Nast Traveler Magazine for the 45 room and suite facility.

Owned by 2 families since 1902 & just recently purchased by another Michigan family in 2020. Here is an article to tell you more about the sale.

Earlier this year the Hotel lost the Matriarch Margaret D McIntire at 95. She was a constant at the hotel up till the end of their ownership. Her house is a famous front gate for pictures on the boardwalk.

With a newly added “The Dock” and freshly newly landscaped backyard allows you to enjoy the food from the Carriage House Restaurant. From fine cuisine to exceptional drink menus- this allows any patron to take in the sights of the Lake Huron unlike any location on the island.

Please remember even if you are not a guest you can still enjoy the restaurant and there are options for reservations on the site


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