Meet Erica from Graze by Erica

So every once in awhile you meet a soul that connects to you in an interest that you both love. That so happens to be Erica from my hometown of Elkhart, IN. Owner of a charcuterie board business called

I had the pleasure of meeting her at a pop up event at her adorable shop. She informed me she was a fan of the podcast but mostly the island as well. So throughout the year we have been in touch and when she visited the island was gracious enough to share her trip at Cloghaun in July. I then was living vicariously through her while she was visiting. I was so grateful for that and needed to have her come on the the podcast and share her experience.

Erica was visiting a newly engaged gal. She shares her unique story that is truly magical. Her fiancé even fooled her to think he was planning the trip this year to throw her off what his intentions truly were. With him doing this she thought he was proposing on Mackinac but that is not what it was. Tune in to hear all about it.

On a side note at the end of the show Erica shares a event she is participating in. Our local Ronald McDonald House is having a yearly fundraiser called McDazzle. Local people are asked to raise funds for the house. Then in October is the event with live auctions and silent ones as well. Please consider donating to Erica for her to raise the most funds for her Cheesy Kilt

Thank you Erica for sharing your experience and love of the island just pours out of you.


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