Meet Larissa Flynn

I came across Larissa on Instagram. Her artwork was so eye appealing. The oil paintings had captured colors that were truly unique. I reached out to her to have her on the show to talk about her artwork. What really drew me in was on her Instagram stories she showed how she set up her easel on the island at various locations on the island. It just felt so old school to see this.

Larissa also has a fun history with the island. She has an art gallery located in Charlevoix. She doesn’t keep hours- she says they are by chance. But she is available by appointment – you can contact her even through Instagram.Her paintings are also at the new art gallery Point of View on Astor St.

I loved learning and talking all to Larissa. She travels to a lot different events in the summer and is great about sharing where she will be. One of her pieces I loved was the Ryba’s fudge shop & Doud’s Market – I felt it represented Mackinac in the quintessential way.


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