Yachts and Yachts of fun

Did you know that Mackinac Island hosts not 1 but 2 Yacht Races? Yes this island has the Bayview Yacht Race and the Chicago Yacht Race. Both within a week of each other. The history of these races are ones to be heard.

Now this year a unique story came from Bayview Race came a winner who deserves all the accolades out there. Merritt Sellers from California and her dad single handedly raced to the island and won. Oh and did I mention that Merritt is only 14. Here is an article all about her amazing accomplishment.

The Chicago Yacht Club has a unique path as it starts on Lake Michigan to then maneuver over to Lake Huron. Once arrival on the island Mackinac does a fanatic job of entertaining the crews of the yachts. The harbor is full of life and lots of colorful sails. Definitely recommend visiting the island at this time if you want a great way to enjoy the way the island can party.


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