Meet Emily from Placed by Grace designs

Back in May while visiting Mackinac Island, I was introduced to Emily. She is a polymer clay based artist who specializes in earrings and necklaces. Now not only does she make jewelry, she commutes to the island and manages Little Luxuries of Mackinac.

Having started out in pre med in college she felt a desire to change it up. Art is truly in her blood. She decided to venture out and start working on Mackinac originally at Artists of Mackinac (which is no longer open) this is where she really fell into her love of art and what path she wanted to do.

Along with her jewelry at Little Luxuries she will put on a class at Water Color cafe once a month. She will be pretty flexible if you want to make something other than earrings. It is very relaxed class- especially since she has to bake the items.

Emily is also starting a unique feature of Michigan things she loves to inspire her new earrings. For example she has a set of earrings that are based on the Grand Hotel also a pair on Petoskey stone.

I really enjoyed learning all about her clay making process and how she keeps is safe for our environment. Wastes nothing and she goes into detail how she uses all she can with her clay.

Be sure to follow her on Instagram @placedbygracedesigns and website


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