Meet Laurie from Red Cabin Studio

So no doubt when you go shopping you come across so many cute items on the island you might wonder on who might have made that item. This is why social media is fantastic. Here is how I came across Laurie from Red Cabin Studio. On today’s show she tells how she creates her unique items that include:

  • Stickers
  • mugs
  • ornaments
  • tote bags
  • tile photos in a frame

Now her items can be found on Mackinac Island at Little Luxuries, Doud’s Market, Windermere Hotel, and The Mackinac House.

She talks about how she got into her work. Which to be honest follow her Instagram page @red_cabin_studio- she shares in her instastories how it is all created. You can also buy her work on Etsy.

Laurie has managed to capture the island in a cozy way that I always think of it.


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