Take your Dog to Mackinac Podcast

My Phoebe Buffay

Today I talk about how you can take your furry best friend to the island. Mackinac does a fantastic job allowing you to bring them. Here are some of the things they ask of you if you bring your dog:

  • must be on a leash at all times (or in a carrier)
  • pick up after them
  • be aware of the horses and bike traffic which can be overwhelming to dogs
  • keep eyes out for dog friendly stickers on shops and restaurants

There are 3 lodging choices to choose from for you and your furbaby. They are Mission Point, Park Place Suites and Sunset Condos.

Several restaurants allow dogs to enjoy their establishment. They are:

  • Bills Grill
  • Bistro on the Greens
  • Boxwood Coffeeshop & Cafe
  • Cannonball Drive Inn
  • Carriage House Patio
  • Doghouse at Windermere Point
  • Feedbag at Surrey Hills
  • Fort Mackinac tea room
  • Gate House
  • Great Turtle Brewery
  • Ice House BBQ at Island House Hotel
  • Kingston Kitchen
  • Lucky Bean Coffee House
  • Mustang Lounge
  • Round Island Kitchen at Mission Point
  • Smokey Jose’s

Both ferry lines allow well behaved dogs on them as well. Tune in to learn more.


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