Outdoor Eating on Mackinac

Breakfast views at Pink Pony

Trust me when I say you will not run out of good food options when visiting Mackinac. The one thing though is if the weather is nice you for sure want to eat outside in it. Today I share what was on the blog featured on http://www.mackinacisland.org

You can get everything from picnic staples at Doud’s Market to Grab and go at Boxwood Cafe. If I can offer a suggestion- do a picnic. Stop at one of these places that have food to go

  • Douds
  • Watercolor Cafe
  • The Doghouse (picnic tables right by it)
  • Cannonball (picnic tables by it also)
  • Boxwood Cafe
Watercolor Cafe sandwiches

Or treat yourself to a fine dining experience on the first tee green at the Grand Hotel Golf Course.

The possibilities are endless as are the food and drink options. Almost every place has a children’s menu to choose from as well. https://www.mackinacisland.org/blog/outdoor-dining-on-mackinac-island-fresh-air-is-on-the-menu-too/


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