Meet Artist Erynn Rice

One thing that Mackinac has that is no shortage of is fantastic scenery. This therefore creates a canvas for many artists to aspire to use for their work. Erynn is such an artist.

We discuss her background of art. From teaching art to then stepping out and using her love of the island to create painted portraits of much of the island. She has a very soft spot in her heart for the Grand Hotel Garden- especially the Secret Garden. Why? Her brother is in charge of the gardens and golf course for the Grand Hotel. Erynn has taken her love of the gardens and transferred them on wood for you to enjoy at home.

This year – her Lilac Festival poster received 2nd place. Peace, Love and Lilacs was the theme. Using the Grand Hotel as background she had a little girl walking past all the Lilacs on the grounds with a flowing dress and flower head band. I loved it so much. Details to be coming if she will be selling it to the public.

The 4th of July she does a fun hide and seek hunt that she shares on her Instagram. There are 3 mini portraits she shares clues for someone to find. She mentions that she is also doing 100 button pins that will be placed throughout the island for people to find.

Along with painting – her brother asked her to do wood burning portraits in the stumps of the Secret Garden. So you need to follow her and then be on the lookout in the garden.

Erynn has her a hard back book that allow the kids to tell their story. This book they color and share what they love about the island. Here are where some of her items are:

  • Poppins
  • Island Bookstore
  • Grand Hotel
  • Urvana’s
  • Etsy

Be sure to follow Erynn and grab one of her pieces while on the island.

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