10 1/2 facts on Mackinac to Mayor Doud

There are a lot of things to know about Mackinac. One is that the tourism page under their blog section offers a ton of insight to all you need to know. And if it is not there- they will more than likely direct you where to look. http://www.mackinacisland.org

That’s me being silly behind one of the many turtles on the island

Today I talk about 10 1/2 interesting facts about the island. Everything from how it got the great Turtle name to the amount of year round residents. Ending the episode with some great history on one of the longest Mayor holders- Margaret Doud has been in office for 45 years. Plus on top of that she helps run Windermere Hotel.

Mayor Doud with Lilac Festival Queen

Just when you think you might know all you can – something else comes out of the woodwork to make you aware how awesome Mackinac is.


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