Hiking on Mackinac Podcast

There are lots of fun things to do on Mackinac Island. One that I love is just walking and exploring the island. The amount of trails you can go on and enjoy are actually very surprising. I decided in May to really explore a part I never had before. Now I constantly have a map of the island with me. So I ventured out. I made sure that I had my backpack full of stuff. This included

  • extra socks
  • water water water
  • snacks
  • map
  • umbrella
  • rain poncho
  • bug spray (just in case)
Steps to sunset rock

I really enjoyed the time of seclusion I had while doing this little hike. To be honest I didn’t feel like a hike until I got more middle of the island. But what was great was seeing all the flowers starting to bloom. Listening to the island from a different perspective than downtown.

Trillium Flowers

Leslie Ave is the part that took a turn that wound me around the island from the airport to Arch Rock. This path was paved and hilly (not too bad) along the trail you will see other paths that you can venture out on. These are not paved keep in mind. I did not go on those. I was perfectly happy to be on the path I was.

They mark the trails with wood like this

Eventually I ended up at Arch Rock. I continued on the Arch Rock bike path to stay out of the way of the tours. Once I got to the end of Arch Rock Road I headed down Hoban St to end up back at the Grand Hotel to grab my bike and head back to my hotel.

I love exploring and highly encourage you to do that on Mackinac. It never gets old and you find something new every time.


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