Visiting Mackinac on a budget

Like so many places it costs to go to the island. But there are many ways to save money with the visit. Today I discuss what I recommend and how I save myself. Here are a few examples.

  • stay during the week
  • Cyber Monday deals on
  • bring your own cooler with food and drinks
  • stay at a B&B so breakfast is included
  • if staying on island bring your bike
  • use online to purchase ferry passes
  • Use an app like Qapital to save money before your trip
  • bring a backpack to carry supplies in while hiking inner island

I also share very similar tips the Cassondra (who was previously on the show) shared on her blog Go to her page for other helpful guidance when visiting the island.

Staying on Mackinac is worth every penny. I highly anyone to do so. Just know that there are ways to save in order to do that.


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