Maria of Deely Drawings Podcast

Like so many I have become addicted to TikTok. But my algorithm is filled with a lot of art. Which brings me to Maria of Deely Drawings. I came across her artwork on Instagram. At first I thought it was a picture- NOPE!!! Folks it is colored pencils. She has taken her art skills and used them to share moments captured in photos then recreates them into color pencil art work. These pieces can take anywhere from 40-100 hours.

Maria just graduated from College and already prior to that had her artwork for sale at a art gallery on the island. There is no website for the gallery but here is the information.

  • Island Breeze Fine Art Gallery
  • Main Street, Mackinac Island
  • 906-847-8191

Maria tells us what is for sale here but you can also go to her website to purchase her work. What was interesting was the whole process of how she does this. From her camera to the shading of colored pencils that don’t include using black. She goes into detail why.

Maria has a deep love for Mackinac and grabs the vivid colors and magic the island has to offer. She also likes to share what she does even just for a visit.

So be sure to follow her on Instagram or visit her website


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