Meet Valerie- a Honorary Scout

So Mackinac hosts a lot of different things that kids can experience- but imagine being able to go there for a week and staying on the island.

Dating back to 1929 , the state commissioner organized a contingent of 8 Eagle Scouts to serve as guides and honorary guards. They bunked on the parade grounds behind Ft Mackinac until the barracks were completed in 1934.

Then in 1975 – First Lady of Michigan Helen Milliken, Girl Scouts were allowed to be part of the scout service.

Valerie was a lucky scout that got to go from summer to summer. She goes into detail how you are chosen , what you do on the island and what the experience did for her.


She loved the island so much she had her senior pictures taken there. This summer she will be taking her husband up there for a first time visit.

Senior picture at Grand Hotel

I loved learning about the history of the scouts and the presence on the island. Be sure to take advantage of using them when touring the fort.


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