Dr William Beaumont Podcast

Hey did you ever stop to think how your digestive system works? I mean who hasn’t had thoughts of why it gets irritated sometimes. Well back in 1822 a certain Dr Beaumont was at the right place and time for a unique circumstance that allowed him to discover why our body digests the way it does. It all happened too on Mackinac Island.

When you do the Fort Mackinac tour you need to be sure to hit the parts of the fort that are on Market Street. There you will come across the Beaumont House where staff will inform you of his discoveries. The staff will be dressed circa 1800’s to let you feel the authenticity of what the fort times would have been like. http://www.mackinacisland.net/american-fur-company-store-dr-beaumont-museum/

Several schools, hospitals and universities were named in honor of Dr Beaumont. His progress in the medical field to some could be considered cruel for the continual use of experimentation on St Martin. Here are some articles to let you decide if he might have taken the tests a wee bit too far.https://becker.wustl.edu/news/william-beaumonts-momentous-and-unethical-experiments/


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