Meet Cassondra- Mid Michigan Concierge

You know how you meet someone and it just is crazy that you have never met before but you just click. That is how I felt with meeting Cassondra. I found her on Instagram and was fortunate enough to have her as a guest on the show.

Her firing this cannon

On the podcast she goes into not only her experience of living and working on the island. This has led her into doing something truly unique-a call you can make to her to have her give you the trip of a lifetime.

Her story is very unique. She was a island seasonal worker who fell in love not only with the island but met her soulmate too there. She now is a proud mother who has introduced her son to so many different countries and experiences that I envy.

Her blog is one to envy. She has a lot of different posts to give you an inside scoop. Here they are:

  • Mackinac Island’s Best Kept Secrets
  • Mackinac Island on a Budget- 22 ways to save
  • Work and live on Mackinac Island
  • Mackinac Island travel tips
  • Affordable accommodations on Mackinac
  • 5 reasons to love/hate Mackinac Island
  • Visit Mackinac in the winter

So tune in to learn all about her first time on the island -including firing the cannon. Cassondra is one to connect with to learn even more on how to make Mackinac your dream vacation.


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