Secret Garden Grand Hotel Podcast

Have you ever found the secret garden at the Grand Hotel? A garden filled with up to 60,000 tulip bulbs planted annually. There are 2 separate sections one with perennials and the other with showcases spring bulbs that will be changed out every year.

So how is this gem found? Well let’s say you are down by the pool. If you look out into the wooded area close to where the horse with carriage greenery sculpture, and behind it you will see a mulched path. What you will do is follow this to take you to the area.

Now say that you don’t come across the mulched path, and you head into the wooded area. As you veer left and walk towards the tennis courts. Keep your eyes on the Grand to the left of you but peek inside of the trees and you will see pops of color starting to happen. Also you might come another tree stump carving. This will have another opening for you to head into. Once you come across this you can follow a smaller trail leading into the garden. This trail is gonna have a lot more little hidden gems to find along there. This leads directly into the full garden.

I think what is the coolest part about this garden is not only the vast colors all around you but the seclusion you feel tucked away. You will hear the traffic heading down Cadotte Avenue or even those walking in the woods unaware you are back there.

So you have to pay 10.00 to explore the grounds of the Grand Hotel. So when you first go to head to the porch they will direct you where to pay. Once you do be sure to ask for the direction of which way to go to the secret garden. The fun part is finding it.

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