How I might spend my day on Mackinac Podcast

I tend to keep myself very busy when I visit the island. In fact in can be a bit much for some. I wanted to share what I might do on my first full day after staying over on the island. From my morning walks to what I might do throughout the day.

Starting with my walk I always encourage you to either get a map or have one on your phone and be ready to “get in the map” like Joey does on Friends. Kidding. But it does help even though everything is marked very well. It just helps reassure me.

As I talk about in the podcast I talk about the charming coffeehouse Lucky Bean then on to Mackinac Island Carriage Tours. Highly encourage you to follow Lucky Bean on Instagram- I have done a blog post on them before.

Then I talk about where I might eat for lunch. Now I love the whitefish on the island. From the dip to the fish and chips, I eat it at least once a day on the island. In October I went to Yankee Rebel shockingly for the first time and had the best fish and chips (so far). We also ate down at Mission Point for dinner one night. When in full season sometimes it is nice to venture away from downtown.



As I have talked about before the night life can be very fun to enjoy. Lots of live music for you to take in. From Horns to Pink Pony – be sure to follow their social media pages for insights of live music.

For fun I am going to start sharing weekly different ways people came to know the island. Reach out and tell your story. Email me at or inbox me on my Instagram page- Totally Mackinac Island.


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