Meet Jennifer – the friend who introduced me to Mackinac – podcast interview

So growing up I loved the movie Somewhere in Time. Little did I know that this movie was being filmed on my favorite place- Mackinac.

So fast forward to 1999- a friend of mine was making a journey up to the island . Some of us decided not to stay over on the island- but stay in Mackinaw City. (Never again- the city is great but I have to stay on the island)

Yes that is me with a sprained ankle

The friend who took me to the island is on todays podcast. Meet one of my besties – Jennifer Palumbo. A native of Detroit – hear her origin story and what she looks forward too now that she has girls.

It was so fun talking to her about how her perspective of the island has changed. What do I mean by that? Well tune in to hear what I am talking about.

Also remembering the amazing girls trips we took there. No we don’t spill the beans on what happened. But lots of laughing 😂.


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