Grand Hotel Podcast

If you have ever gone to the island you notice right away the first thing you notice on the ferry is the Grand Hotel. It is a sight to be seen. Then not to mention it is just known since the 1887 this establishment is where many would come to summer. It was one of the ways the island moved away from the fur trading business.

Boasting the worlds largest porch- the hotel has a dress code enforced after 6 pm. If you are not a guest they do ask you pay 10.00 to go sit on the porch. I think it is to keep the hotel from being to full from tourists- but I honestly don’t know.

Today I just fill you in on the small bit of history and how the Grand Hotel came to be. There is a lot of history to unpack with this hotel. So I will be dedicating a podcast a month to the Grand until I get through what I find out.

Also be sure to go to for you to vote for the new flavor of ice cream offered at Sadie’s Ice Cream Shop. The choices are:

  • White Russian Latte
  • Mackinac Island Lilac
  • Chocolate Chunky Chocolate

So tune in to hear a little bit about the history of the Grand Hotel. Which will always have a special place in my heart because it is where Somewhere In Time was filmed.


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