Working on Mackinac Island Podcast

Have you ever wanted to work on Mackinac Island? I know I have. There are plenty of opportunities too for you to help spice up your resume. From hotel to restaurants to even working in the Butterfly House. Experience is not always needed but encouraged. A lot of places with let you know if there is housing available along with a possible meal plan.

So how do you go about finding a job? There a few ways. One of the best ways is following the Mackinac Island Job Posting Page. Here there are businesses that have already started listing positions open to apply for. This is what they encourage you to do for the jobs:

  • 906-847-3783
  • The bureau with forward your application to prospective employers, based on the kinds of work you are interested in
  • Reach out directly to specific hotels, restaurants or attractions that interest you

Follow up on any job leads. Many have started to post at the beginning of the year. Staff is in place several weeks before the start of the new tourist season in late April.

Be sure to follow a lot of the businesses on Instagram or Facebook. They are sharing what they are looking for. Put yourself out there. Follow up. Be on top of where or what you want to do.


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