Wanna work on Mackinac?

So have you ever dreamed of working on the island? I know I have. Now know it is hard work BUT so worth it. A lot of college kids and other island transfers work the island. If you get a chance- remember to look at the name tags of the employees. Why? It says where they are from. I love to do this. If they aren’t busy I ask them how they came to work the island and if they have before.

Little Luxuries

So how do you get a job? Well social media has been a huge help to those looking. A lot of the businesses start posting at this time to get people lined up for summer jobs. For example – Little Luxuries and Pink Pony retail stores have listed on their Instagram they are hiring. Nicole from Little Luxuries just explained in her stories about the process. A lot of places provide housing. You share similar to a dorm but it is a fun experience.



Facebook has a page to go that will provide you with even better guidance. It’s called Mackinac Island Job Posting Page. I know that there were listings even throughout the season last year. Because like so many- it was short staffed. Canada wasn’t allowed to come to the states with Covid and that effected them with workers & tourists missed it too. Anywho- so if you are looking for a fun adventure on an island that makes you feel like you stepped back in time but yet you are still connected to now- go work on Mackinac.

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