Mackinac Island in the winter Podcast

Ever wondered if the island is open in the winter? Yes it is. Now you have less available as far as carriage tours and lodging But you can go. December is a great time to go. With the Christmas Bazaar, tree lighting and Great Turtle Drop for the New Year. There are a few more lodging choices open at this time. Here are the options and dates available:

  • Cottage Inn- 12/3-12/17 & 12/27-12/31
  • Lilac Tree Suites – 12/3-12/4 12/29-1/2
  • The Mackinac House 12/3-12/5 12/26-1/2
  • Small Point B&B open weekends in Dec, Jan & Feb

Wanting to go another time and aren’t sure of the lodging here are the lodging locations:

Also there aren’t a lot of eating options so here are your options

Please know that even thought 80% of the island is state park the public restrooms are closed in off season – so if out exploring know that you need to go before you leave your hotel or restaurant.

A fun activity is mentioned is the Mackinac Island Turtle Trek- a snowshoeing trek through some of Mackinac’s winter wonderland. Hosted by the Mackinac State Parks on Jan 8 and Feb 5. Use this link and go under events for more info.

For transportation to the island there is :

Taxi’s are still available But reservations required before 8 am and after 5 pm you can call

906-847-3323 to get more information.

So for sure be on the lookout for the ice bridge and its formation after the lake freezes but consider visiting the island for a new experience


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