Watercolor Cafe Interview

On Decembers podcast I talk to the owner of Watercolor Cafe- Kate Dupre. She told me so much. From not only her origin story But the buildings as well.

Tucked behind Bay View B&B, Watercolor Cafe hosts more than coffee & food. This is a creative space for you to do some art that is truly one of a kind from Mackinac. As listed on their website http://www.watercolormackinac.com. After the food stops for the day- the cafe turns into an art space that parties up to 20 fill in.

Tuning in you will learn the following:

  • Kate’s island origin story
  • What was at the building prior to Watercolor
  • Popular food & coffee items
  • The infamous pop- tart
  • What classes are done
  • Private party classes
  • How to sign up

So tune in to hear about this gem located on Mackinac.


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