A little history Podcast

Haunts of Mackinac ticket booth

Today’s podcast is about the Haunts of Mackinac http://www.hauntsofmackinac.com and the history I took away from this tour. I talk briefly about the tour and what it offers and then how I came to learn about a fascinating woman of Mackinac History.

Madame Magdelaine Laframbroise

Madame Magdelaine Laframboise is a staple of the Island. As a female she became one of the most successful fur traders of her time-in a time when men conquered not only the fur trade but almost all businesses.

After her death she was buried in St Anne’s located to her prior residence which is now Harbour View Inn. The main house is what she originally built and they have since added on a few other buildings.

Tune in to learn about this amazing woman and what she accomplished in her lifetime and how it impacted the island.


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