Watercolor Cafe

Have you had the chance to venture to this adorable cafe? It is tucked behind Bayview B&B which is on Main St. It is literally right on the water overlooking the marina. Locally owned by Kate Dupre since 2019, they have a variety of fresh coffee, food and even Art. Yes I said art. That is what makes this cafe so unique. But let me fill you in on a few things more about it.

Known for their Lilac Latte (espresso based, sweetened with purple taro root and vanilla) and yes it is purple- Kate launched this cafe with not only the idea to keep it a cafe but also a art space that allows tourists to express themselves creatively with a variety of classes. From watercolor, paint by numbers and even a type of jewelry making. All classes take place after the cafe closes so that focus is on the art. Private classes are available too.

I fell in love with a breakfast goodie they offer (which breakfast if offered all day)I am talking about the Peanut Butter Deluxe. It is as good as it sounds. Toasted on hearty multigrain then topped with creamy peanut butter, sliced banana and honey. Believe me I tried to recreate at home and I couldn’t do it the same.

They offer a great kids area too for the little ones to color and be entertained while you wait for your food and eat. I was there with my friends who had 2 little ones and this was a huge bonus. Plus you feel like you are on the water. It is very peaceful. I cannot wait to take a class there on my next visit.

So be sure to follow them on:

  1. Instagram
  2. Facebook
  3. Their personal website http://www.watercolormackinac.com

Their season begins in May and goes till October. Classes are posted pretty early on but like I said they offer private classes too. If you have a group I would highly recommend this fun little night to have an extra keepsake from the island.


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