When you finally get to the island you will no doubt see some guys riding bikes with insane amounts of luggage on them. These are some of the hardest workers. These are the dockporters.

If you are staying on the island – upon arrival you will look for the cart holding your items. Back on the mainland the employees asked where you were staying and then placed the particular hotel ticket on the luggage – tearing off the perforated bottom for you to have.

Almost all the hotels have their own dockporter or personal carriage to take your luggage for you. When you find your things and need help- locate such a dockporter to take them for you. This is beneficial for so many reasons.

  • If you can’t check in yet -items will be placed in holding area till your room is ready
  • They will then bring your luggage to you either when you arrive OR the room is available
  • Knowing you can just start exploring instead of stressing about your stuff is such a relief

Be sure to have cash to tip. This island is very hilly for some places to stay- along with navigating through tourists can be challenging. Plus they have to unload and place in holding or take to room at some point. It’s hard labor. I tip 3-5 per piece of luggage. If I have a huge heavy one and they encounter steps and no elevator- I tip way more. I am so grateful for what they do and how hard it is.

Stacked high

So this is who these guys are. Also know that the most famous one is Archie who works for the Chippewa & Lilac Tree. For as long as I have gone to the island I have seen him working hard for these places. So be sure to keep an eye out for this legend.

Archie from the Chippewa-Lilac Tree Hotels

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