The many stairs of the island

Circled the various steps on the map

So if you arrive at the island you realize how hilly it is. It is kind of surreal when you get out to explore. Whether on bike or foot it can be a hike. One thing they have done is construct steps to help bypass some the really steep paths. Now this doesn’t mean the steps aren’t a hike BUT a lot of them have benches built on them to help ease the climb.

I think some of the most famous steps are the ones up to Arch Rock. They rebuilt them a few years ago and truthfully I didn’t realize how much nicer it is to have them. Reason being again the benches. To sometimes sit and catch your breath but also soak in the view. If you peek over the side you can see the old steps underneath them.

207 steps to the top-
The old Arch Rock steps

What crosses my mind as climbing these to the destinations is the work that went into making them. That is no east task when you see how they have to maneuver through some trees. Now there is a small set in front of Ft Mackinac. Cross Marquette Park to another set that take you to the start of East Bluff.

Stairs behind Marquette Park

Now at the end of Bogan Lane & Church St there are steps that go right up to the East Bluff. The view is unlike anything. You really get the sense of the vast Lake Huron.

Bogan Lane Steps

Now let’s say you want to go up to Fort Holmes. A set of steps are right off Rifle Range Rd. By the time we got to these steps my friends were done with me. Joking they needed to cross train before next years visit – I assured them the task was worth it.

Steps up to Ft Holmes

As far as the other sets of steps I don’t have photos of those. But mark my words I will after the next visit. So if you haven’t had them or know where they are- use the State park Map to locate or ask.


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