Cloghaun Bed & Breakfast Podcast

Love the floral arrangements

This is Michigan’s oldest family owned traditional B&B. In July I was lucky enough to see a few rooms in this charming establishment. Run by 4th generation owner James (Jim) Bond. They acutally did not open in the 2020 season with Covid and safety protocols they did some updates that included new hardwood floors, new electrical system and 5 (yes 5) new water heaters.

Gorgeous entry

Located on Market St at the very top of Hoban St what draws you in at first is the floral arrangements that outline the sidewalk leading to a charming front porch. Inside has 11 rooms. With 2 full time inn keepers along with 1 full time housekeeper. I was mesmerized by the antique pieces scattered throughout. It really makes you stop and realize how old this home truly is. I loved the history behind it too. In the podcast I discuss meeting with Jim and his fiancé Maggie. They treated me to afternoon tea and treats that included an oatmeal cake I would drive up to get.

Love these Buffets
Maggie & Jim

Cloghaun was also talked about in the article published a few weeks ago in the Detroit Free Press. This was talking on how the island blew away its previous records for tourism. Which I am so glad. They truly deserve it.

So tune in to hear all about this historic B&B. Reservations can be made online and are open from May 6th to October 23rd and are open for the 2022 season. So book now!!

Old registry book in one of their suite

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