Day 3 -evening

Lunchtime had come and it was actually very busy downtown. I think with the race traffic and also the closing weekend people were taking it all in. So we headed to Yankee Rebel Tavern to eat. Located at the top of Astor St- this restaurant is known for award winning whitefish, mussels & shrimp pasta and their famous pot roast. I opted for the whitefish and chips. Hands down this is my favorite whitefish on the island that I have had. Still a lot left to try but I will be back for this. I practically licked the basket. A very spacious dining room interior lined with booths on the side. I really loved the cozy atmosphere. Check out their website.

Next we decided to get all our fudge we wanted to take home. I hit up Joanns with the list from my coworkers. I had taken some home in July and they were craving it. So I got some individuals the Double Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Carmel fudge (I had to get 5 lbs of these) then a Double Dark Chocolate for the salon crew. For home I got Cookie Crumb, Butterfinger, Double Dark Chocolate and Pumpkin Pie. I place them in my freezer. I don’t eat it all then and it is a nice surprise when you remember it is up there.

Now was time to explore more of the island. I decided we needed to head to Ft Holmes. Venturing to the stairs behind the playground off Marquette Park we hike up all 112 (I counted but I think I was off a few) and turned to the left. From there I took them down to Annes’ Tablet and the area that allows you to overlook all of downtown. It was crazy because even though it was late October the leaves truly had only changed by the Grand Hotel. Still it was so gorgeous.

Next we walked up to the cemeteries. I think these are so unique because not only do you see how old some of them are but also the names of some families that I am sure are still affiliated with the island. They have rules that you must be a resident to be buried there, which makes sense.

Now it was time to head up another round of steps and I think these were 122. They take you up to Ft Holmes. The highest point on the island. It is a hike but totally worth the view. Standing up there you truly get the awareness of the fact you are on an island. The water is just so reflective and hypnotic. If you are willing to there are picnic tables up there and I feel it would be an incredible place to sit and eat. Now we had hit a wall at this point and decided to head back to town. Good thing too because time we got back to our room it had started raining. We were so lucky to have the best weather when exploring that weekend. Not too hot or too cold. Perfect.

That night was the Halloween events. We decided to just do pizza at the Island Pizzeria for dinner. I know I truly wasn’t too hungry from a full lunch. This was perfect. Got a slice of pizza, breadstick and soda. Hit the nail on the head. Plus we didn’t have to wait long.

Now was time to get ready to go out. Each of us dressed up. My friend Rachel was a hotdog, Kelly was a foot (yes a foot) and I was Garth from Wayne’s World. I had an inflatable I had bought but after trying on I thought it might be a nuisance. I am so glad I didn’t bring it. Folks this place does not mess around with costumes. I was floored. We had so much fun watching as people lined in. It was packed in the lobby at the Chippewa leading into the Pink Pony. Here are some we saw:

  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • TMNT
  • Time Traveler’s
  • Wizard of Oz
  • Claw Machine
  • Jellyfish
  • Stepbrothers (Boats n Hoes)
  • Anchorman
  • Rip and Beth from Yellowstone
  • Cousin Eddie
  • George Washington

There were so many good ones I can’t list them all. We headed back to Horn’s where Teabag was playing again and it was just as busy there. Floored is my thought. No idea it would be like that. We had the best time. This is going to become an annual event for us. And we are already thinking ahead for costumes. I have mine already and can’t wait!! I would definitely recommend this weekend for a fun filled time along with beautiful scenery as always.


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