Day 3 visit- morning

So it was sadly the last full day on the island. I wanted to explore as much as we could. Blessed with gorgeous weather – I felt we could get a lot in.

So we headed down to the area behind the library. A small secluded spot to sit and take in the beauty. We watched as the ferries went back & forth. From here we headed towards the school. Yes there is a school on the island that has grades K-12 all in the same building. It’s a good sized school honestly. We then headed across the lawn to the next adventure.

That morning was the Great Turtle half marathon and walk – which was starting on the east side of the island. So I said we were gonna hit the West Bluff after this. The West Bluff consists of the Victorian houses you see beside the Grand Hotel. I am fascinated by these homes!! The architecture involved in them is one to stand and study. Honestly I don’t know much on who owns them but I plan on finding out as much history as I can.

At the end of West Bluff Road you will see a trail. It is called the Pontiac Trail. This will take you around with views looking down onto M-185. It shows how steep the hillside truly is. Once we reached the end of the trail – we decided to head back in towards town. At this point it was almost noon. It was so fun just walking and listening to sounds of the island.


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