Day 2 – afternoon to evening

So on Friday October 22- it was day 2 of the visit to the island. Morning flew by with a great carriage tour. Now it was time for the rest of the day.

It was lunchtime. One thing there isn’t a shortage of is good food to choose from. So we decided on Great Turtle Brewery. This is a newer establishment on the island. It used to be Goodfellas. Now it’s fun to have a large brewery to enjoy. Located inside the Lakeview Hotel – you have several seating options. Outside on the porch, inside with street view or back bar tucked away. We ate inside. We opted to also try their cocktail flight. 4 options to get a sample of either gun, vodka, tequila & rum. I again got the whitefish for lunch and I’ll be honest- my friend did too and we could have shared the dish. It was huge. So just a FYI- consider sharing it. The drinks were a bit too sweet for my taste but I will say the one I liked best had gin in it. I never would have thought I would like that so helps to try!! Here’s a link to the restaurants menu

After we filled our bellies we headed out to hit the shops. We started at one end of Main St and ventured in and out of each shop. So many of the stores had great sales going on. We then got to the end of Main St and headed to Market St. Here were some of the ones we got stuff from:

  • Caddywampus
  • Little Luxeries of Mackinac
  • Poppins
  • Artists of Mackinac
  • Flagship
  • The Back Porch

Once we finished there we decided to walk down to Mission Point. I love the lobby there. It has a very ski lodge feeling. I wanted to show them this fantastic resort. So we got there and went to the bar Round Island Kitchen. Here we got to overlook the vast lawn and see the traffic go by. An acoustical musician was performing and just made the atmosphere more cozy.

So at this point we realized the time and went back to get ready for dinner. Walking on the sidewalks and looking at all the flowers & homes is just therapeutic. We strolled with ease.

It time to hit Horn’s. I was in need of the Islander Bean Dip. Years ago we got this as an appetizer (that’s what it is) and I now just have this as my dinner. It is only on the dinner menu. Why is it so good? No idea!! Here is what is in it: Layers of black beans, frijoles and a blend of cheeses, melted together and topped with lettuce, tomatoes and black olives. Served with salsa and corn chips.

There is live music for most of the season. The band did this weekend was called Teabag. They were great. All sorts of music. From rock to country. After a few hours of that we headed down to the Pink Pony for acoustic music from Myk Rise. He has been a staple on the island music scene for as long as I have gone there.

After a very full day it was time to turn in. So back to the Mackinac House. Sweet Dreams till the next morning Mackinac 💜💜

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