Day 2 of the visit- the morning

I realize it has been a couple weeks since I was on the island. But I felt it necessary to share the days and what all we did. I am not gonna lie it was definitely a fast trip. You know how you try to enjoy the pace and not get too excited for the trip but you are and you know it is gonna go so fast- that’s what happened here. Alright, here is a refresher. I was on the island from October 21-24 with 2 of my best girlfriends. We stayed at the adorable Mackinac House This next weeks podcast is gonna be all about this charming boutique hotel.

So Friday morning I woke up to do my early morning walks like I enjoy doing. I decided a different route this morning. So I went to the steps located at the back side of Marquette Park. They are hidden behind the swingset. These steps take you up to the start of the East Bluff. So if you turn left you head to the Fort Mackinac or right is to Arch Rock. Also this will take you above Mission Point (where the sunrises). Moonlight was my friend that walk until dawn started coming up. This is Huron Road you will be on. Stay on this till it ends. Enjoy the complete seclusion and the houses on the East Bluff (which most were closed up for the season). At the end of this road you will come to Arch Rock Road. Turn left to head to town or right to the Arch. I turned right. The sun was rising as I approached but not quite out yet. Form here I headed down the steps to M-185 and took a right at the end to walk me in front of Mission Point. Now when you are walking you will see a sign telling you the beginning of the Mackinac State Park, right past that on your left you will see a gravel path. This winds along the coast to get you up close and personal with the water. The sun had risen at this point and was covering the Adirondack chairs that were on the Mission Point lawn. It was so peaceful and stunning. I just stopped and took it all in. This also allowed me to get some great shots with my phone for the blog and me to remember. Now I was ready to head back into town and get the day started. The island was waking up but still quieter than normal. Most of the horses were gone and you don’t realize how much they attribute to the noise factor on the island.

Once I got back to the Mackinac House I treated myself to their continental breakfast. It was a nice spread with plenty to choose from.

  • cereal
  • pastries
  • bagels
  • coffee
  • orange juice in plastic bottles
  • fruit
  • milk

Once back in the room my friends had showered and were ready to go. So we headed out deciding to do the Mackinac Island Carriage Tour first for the day. I love this tour. It allows you I feel to decide what you might want to explore after you finish. But first coffee. And none other than the incredible Lucky Bean right on Market St. Tucked away in a set of shops right past the Flagship shop, is a coffee haven to partake in. My friend loves a good coffee to try. Let me tell you there was a great variation but we both wanted the Pear Latte. Yes you read that right. I was skeptical but knew Carolyn (the owner) would do it justice. Folks she did. I have no idea how she made this but it wasn’t too sweet or to bitter?!!! Loved it.

Now it was time for the Carriage tour. We went to get our tickets. They were not as busy as July that is for sure. Now the difference with this tour- only one stop- Arch Rock. In season you stop at Surrey Hill Museum where you can explore the Butterfly House, Grand Hotel Carriage House, Forge a Memory or the Surrey Hill Museum with the best blueberry donuts. You then switch carriages and head back with a different driver. This time we had the same driver for an 1.5 hours. I am horrible with names. Our driver though was fantastic. He shared with us his family was from Russia and his grandpa in the KGB. His jokes like many others were awful but it was so fun to get into banter with him on how bad they were. So he filled us in on the horses and it was interesting to find out the white horse had actually been born black but as he aged he changed his color. He was a feisty one too. So this took us up Cadotte vnn Ave where we learned about the Grand and the Governors Mansion. We then passed the Surrey Hill Museum (all closed up)and headed into the woods of the inner island. He would tell us of fun tales that happened and interesting residents of the island. We passed the cemeteries and if you have never gone up to see them I highly recommend doing so. It is crazy on how old some of the plots are. Winding in and out of the woods you end up at Arch Rock. Here you can get out and see this mystical force of nature. Headed back into town we came up to Fort Mackinac and then rounding up to the Governor’s Mansion. Now you could get out here and head down the Fort Hill Rd to downtown or stay on and see more. We stayed on. This allowed us to pass the Grand Hotel Golf Course which this is 1 of 2 on the island. then winding around going down Cadotte Ave. That is a steep hill. The leaves had begun to turn red on the pathway and the water was truly shining. I was so grateful for the gorgeous fall weather.

We got back on Market Street and dropped off. I then tipped the driver. Always make sure you have cash on you for the dock porters, tour guides and various other staff on the island .They really count on it.

From here we went to lunch. I will save the rest of the day for another blog post. Be sure to tune into the podcast as well for more information on the island. Available where all podcasts are streamed.


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