Threads of Mackinac

Located on Astor Street, this little shop is one to definitely visit. First it’s a cute little house all on its own. Second it has a huge selection to remember the island with all of it’s adorable items.

One of the things that drew me to this store was the simplicity of its designs. Almost every piece in there is offered in sweatshirt, long sleeve, T-shirt and even in jacket. Also hosting a large selection of hats. I am a sucker for stocking caps myself. Especially at this time of year. Making a decision was not easy. I ended up getting the Sherpa stocking cap.

This is where I introduce you to the Sherpa line they have. The options are a hat, vest, jacket or blanket. Folks these items are the coziest pieces I have felt. The blanket folds up into a pillow- ummm yes please!! I myself debated about the vest because why not? But I get super hot and thought the hat would be a good start but now I think I’m gonna order one online. Oh that’s another thing – you can order online and over 100.00 is free shipping.

My purchases

Sweatshirts are my go to right now. So I decided a purple (my favorite color) sweatshirt was a must! Hooded ones are great too but I was drawn to this simple cozy one that is not itchy!! While there I found out they just opened another shop in Asheville, NC. Have you ever been there? I have and love it so much. It has a very unique artistic feeling and I love that it is near Chimney Rock State Park!! I know this shop will do awesome there too. Be sure to check out the current inventory online.


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